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Solutions for Finger Numbness from Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome
by Dr. Billie King Shaw

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CASE STUDY: A 45-year-old female patient complained of numbness and occasional tingling in her right little finger. Her symptoms had persisted for a two-week period.

A series of tests revealed restricted range of motion and when compared to the left hand, the right was noticeably weaker. The patient was diagnosed with Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome (UTS).

UTS is similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, only UTS affects the little finger and ring finger, whereas CTS affects the thumb, index and middle fingers.

The patient sought Chiropractic care. During the first visit the patient received three types of treatment in order to increase mobilization and muscle strength. Repetitive pressure was applied to the affected area, an impulse was applied using the Activator method, and the patient also received a Chiropractic adjustment to the wrist.

Two days after the first visit, the patient’s symptoms had improved. She reported that the numbness in her finger had subsided to feeling more “tingly” and was isolated to the area around her first knuckle.

Following the third visit she improved by 80%. By the fourth visit muscle strength had returned to normal.

The patient later reported that the numbness was completely resolved following the fourth visit.

At a five-month follow-up the patient remained symptom-free and the muscle tests remained normal.

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