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Underweight Baby Thrives with Chiropractic
by Dr. Billie King Shaw

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Baby Thrives Chiropractic

A baby born “down under” who was weak and underweight at birth is now living and walking normally thanks to Chiropractic.

When Caylee Taylor was born in Mawson Lakes, Australia, she weighed just 3 pounds. This may have had to do with the fact that her twin sister weighed in at 7 pounds and there just wasn’t enough room in her mother’s womb to fully develop. Additionally, as she grew, it was noticed that her muscle tone was low and that she had problems with sucking.

Caylee was fortunate that her mother Kerry was a regular Chiropractic visitor and was quick to consult her chiropractor about her daughter’s condition. She wondered if Chiropractic could help her daughter. Some study results suggest that up to 80 percent of all newborn infants have some type of nerve dysfunction which could later lead to any number of health problems, so Caylee’s mother was certainly on the right track toward helping her daughter with Chiropractic.

Treatments from Caylee’s chiropractor began with gentle cranial adjustments that were delivered to her via the roof of her mouth and also to her skull. “Caylee could not be breast fed and even found the bottle difficult,” said her chiropractor Dr. Rebecca Rose. “This helped to improve the function of her skull and re-shape her cranium.”

As Caylee continued to grow and neared the age of walking, it was further noted that her muscle strength was low and that attempts to keep her balance were a real struggle. For this problem, Dr. Rose treated her young patient with tiny adjustments to her back and feet to help restore her nervous system balance. The pressure that was applied was very gentle, no greater than the amount of pressure one would comfortably apply to an eyeball. “By working with Caylee, I was able to improve the overall structure and awareness of her body in space leading to fewer falls and much greater coordination.”

Caylee’s mom was very pleased with the progress her daughter was making as well. Soon she was walking without falling down, said Kerry. “She was able to bend her knees and her general muscle tone was improving.”

Now 3 years old, Caylee and her twin sister both get regular Chiropractic check-ups every six weeks. “There has been a remarkable change in Caylee’s stability. Chiropractic is helping our whole family stay healthy and feel at our best,” said Kerry.

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