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Solving the Equation for Neck Pain

Jackson MS Neck Pain

If you think about the mechanics of your neck, you’ll realize it’s not surprising how easily it can be injured. It has amazing flexibility, is constantly on the move, has very little muscular support, but has to support the 14 - 16 pounds of your head. It is like balancing a bowling ball on a ...


Spotting the Unicorn – The Slipped Disc

Slipped Dics Jackson MS Disc Injury

Very often patients present in our office with what they have described as a "slipped disc". As with the fairy tale of slipped discs they are also searching for the magic wand to wave and fix the severe pain that is attributed to this "slipped" disc.  Thank goodness we are trained experts in helping you not ...


Herniated Disc Pain Relieved – Jackson MS

Herniated Disc Pain Relieved – Jackson MS

A patient suffering from 3 herniated discs tells how receiving Chiropractic care at armstrong-king.com from Dr. Billie King Shaw has not only relieved her intense pain but has enabled her to regain the ability to walk without assistance, to sleep at night and to breath more freely. Learn more by visiting our website.

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